Autism Services Ireland

Autism Services Ireland

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The assessment centre at The Village

At the Village we have our own assessment services. This service allows us to provide a complete multidisciplinary assessment for all our service users.  Leading our assessment team is clinical psychologist Doctor Brady.


From our assessment unit we can then recommend specialised interventions and support which each services users’ person centred care plan.


At the Village we use a wide range of assessment tools. Assessment tools are a form of checklist for the professional(s) involved with the diagnosing of autism. Because the autistic spectrum is so wide, ranging from severe behaviours to mild behaviours, across different areas of development, it is necessary in diagnosis to be clear about the nature, severity and incidence of the behaviours, to ensure that the diagnosis is as accurate as possible and that subsequent recommendations made are as comprehensive as possible. It is important that these recognised assessment tools are used in the giving of a diagnosis as it will be on the basis of their universal acceptance that the diagnosis will be one which cannot be dismissed by another body, and the diagnosis can also remain unchallenged in another country which uses the same tools for diagnosis. At the time of publication the most widely recognised diagnostic tool by health professionals in Ireland is the DSM IV. Other valid assessment tools include the Portage Development Checklist, The PIP Development Chart, The Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales, The Autistic Continuum diagnostic schedule, and the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale. New diagnostic tools include DISCO and ADOS.