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Day Care at the Village

 The Village Day Centre

The Village is a day centre that caters for people aged 18 upwards with Asperger’s and Autism, learning disabilities, and relevant mental health issues.

The Village is a specialist day centre in Co Meath for adults with autism. It is an ideal place to learn more about living with autism, receive support with education and training, and socialize. We offer many group activities and classes that enable people to follow their interests and develop their skills with the help of our experienced staff.

At The Village Day Centre itself we have rooms dedicated to office training, IT, games and relaxation and two classrooms. We also help people to use community resources including local colleges.

The service offers a varied programme of activities to suit the needs of the individual. All programmes are tailored to the individual.

We aim to provide a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for the people who use the centre.

The users of the adult day centre are able to:

  • Have transport provided to and from the centre if necessary.
  • Access the adult day centre six days a week throughout the year.
  • Access  advice and information  free of charge.
  • Be involved in their own person centred care plan, identifying their own individual care and support needs.
  • Have a choice of activities e.g. Arts and Crafts, Sports, Computers, Health and Beauty, Games, and much more, these services are specially catered for people with learning disabilities.
  • Have a choice of meals provided on a daily basis taking into account healthy options and nutritional values or allergies etc.  Service users have access to snacks and drinks throughout the day.
  • Socialise with others at the centre through group and team events.
  • Access the community e.g. life skills, such as opening a bank account, accessing the library, train station and other leisure activities.
  • Relax in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Access to work experience and job placement programmes

The Village carefully blends life skills, cooking, computer skills, arts and crafts, health and beauty in a fun, entertaining and safe environment. We provide general help and advice so that you can discuss any of your needs and requirements for you or your loved ones. This part of the centre has been set up to give people with learning disabilities, mental health, aspergers and autism advice and information on anything they wish to discuss. 

Without the right backing, adults with autism can find it difficult to live in their own homes. We help adults to enjoy independent lives, either living on their own, with others, or in shared homes. Our trained staff provide a flexible amount of support for everyday tasks, or for people with more complex needs, we can deliver a comprehensive care package with up to 24-hour support.

The support we offer

We bring structure, and help people to learn the essentials of daily life such as self care, laundry, cooking and budgeting.

Our staff help people to make the most of the wide range of leisure and community facilities available locally, building each person’s confidence so that they can increase their abilities and self sufficiency in all areas of their lives. Where appropriate we also help people to take part in further education and employment.

Our Day Service at The Village provides the ideal place for adults with autism and learning difficulties to come to have fun, to learn and to participate in the community. We provide a caring environment and staff who are experts in working with people who have Autism, Asperger’s and complex needs. Our programmes are flexible and tailored to each individual so they can pick activities which suit their needs and wants.

We have specialist rooms for activities such as art and craft as well as other spaces where we gather to socialise and to learn. Outside we have extensive gardens where we grow herbs and vegetables and sit and relax on warm days.

In our day services we use SPELL and TEACCH. These approaches provide essential structure and a means of clear communication designed to support people with autism.




Our Daytime Centre for People with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome is open and available to Adults with Autism . The Village Centre offers an autism-specific day service for adults.

Our Aim

  • To give persons structure in a work environment, away from their normal residence.
  • To make accurate assessment of the needs and progress of each individual.
  • To give individuals dignity, independence and respect with appropriate social, emotional and spiritual support.
  • To provide staffing levels necessary to implement highly structured learning programmes and activities.

The Day Centre offers a full-time 6 days a week placement (Monday to Saturday) for adults with autism or individual, half-day sessions. Places are offered on the basis of up to 10 half-day sessions per week for up to 51 weeks per year. Two sessions daily; 9.30am-12.30pm, 12.30-3.30pm (within the centre) or minimum 2 hours support per session (outreach). Monday to Saturday: for 51 weeks of the year. Lunch and transport are not part of our main day care package but can be organised if necessary.

 Offer of a placement is subject to a baseline assessment in conjunction with relatives, existing carers and other professionals. The aim is to create a service, which is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of each person with autism. The service is constantly developing, but currently includes; language and communication skills, cross-curricular computer aided learning, horticulture,  music therapy, art and craft, textiles, life skills and cookery, outdoor pursuits and assisted cycling.

Our Approach

Everything we do is structured and autism friendly: our activities are designed to help people living with autism and we understand the challenges you face. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in working with people with autism, and we use SPELL and TEACCH, approaches. In addition we use whichever methods of communication you are most comfortable with.                                                                

Leisure and Learning Activities

The Village day service offers a wide range of activities which are both enjoyable and educational. Above all, we want the people who come to The Village to have fun – in this way they become more confident, more independent, and learn new skills. We design every activity to be suitable for people with autism. People using The Village design their own programme, picking activities and choosing which days to attend.

The ultimate aim of all the programmes we run at The Village  is to help people to gain in confidence and to become more independent. Every person needs different support and training to achieve this, so each has a personal plan. They pick sessions which suit their needs and choose which days to attend.

When possible several times a year we encourage everyone who uses our day services to get together with families and staff.

Our Team

Every member of our team is trained to understand autism and asperger syndrome, and how they affect people's lives. They learn specialist techniques which help them support people effectively, and continue to develop a deep knowledge and experience of working with people with autism throughout their careers. They bring a wide range of experiences and knowledge so that we can help people no matter what they want to do. We staff each activity according to each person's needs.

Person-centred approach

Because helping people to become more independent is so central to what we do, we see it as vital that they take responsibility for building their own programme. We work closely with each person to enable them choose the activities that will best suit them, extend their skills and allow them to pursue their passions.

We want everyone we work with to grow and thrive, so we put them at the centre of our planning process. Together with their Relationship Worker, they decide what they want to do and take part in drawing up their own plan. We also involve family, carers, friends and staff.

No two people are alike, and nor is the help we provide. We tailor each package to the person's needs, working closely with them to find out what will help them. Our experienced key workers support and guide each person. They encourage them to develop skills that will help them to live independently and to take part in and belong to their community. We hold review meetings whenever they are needed and encourage the people using our service, and anyone involved with their well-being, to attend these as well as the person-centred planning meetings.