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The Village Market Place -



The Village Market Place is a unique experience for persons with autism, where they can sell or market their products or services free in their individual market place. This very exciting venture The Village Market Place is a project set up within our day services to promote independent living and encourage business within the autism sector -

Mission statement

To develop and create business opportunities that involves all persons within our community with an emphasis on supporting persons with autism , aspergers and similar needs and promote full integration and equal supports to all.

Resilience Healthcare Services (RHS) is a Irish registered non profit and is part of Autism Services Ireland.   Resilience Healthcare Services (RHS) seeks to meet the needs of people with ASD, their families and carers providing a range of autism specific services.


The Plan & Strategy

The plan at our first social venture at the Village Market Place is to develop a 12 to 15 workshops/stalls/showcase markets places to support person with Autism. Each stall will have its unique  business product. Some examples already in development are personalised Tee shirts stalls (Autism Business Person (ABP) managed). Pet shop – sale of home grown budgies etc (Non Autism Business Person (NABP) managed). A beautician/hairdresser (Autism Business Person (ABP) managed).

Our Strategic objectives are:
• To identify, develop and establish new social firm opportunities
• To provide support and guidance to our existing businesses to ensure that they grow and flourish
•  Create additional opportunities by providing support for social firms that are already in operation

 Our aims

Our Aims in developing and designing the Village Market Place is fourfold:

  1. Provide the opportunities for Autism Business Persons (ABP) to showcase and sell their services and products and services
  2. Promote independent living for ABP
  3. Provide an integrated business partnership between ABP and NAPB (non autism business persons)
  4. Create sources of employment for all person involved in our social business projects


 Looking for support?

Do you know anyone with Autism, disabilities, Asperger’s who has a business idea and would like to develop their business venture?  Please feel free to pass this information to them.

We are looking for parents, family members, local business to support this unique project. This project is one of many in development stages.

 The professionals involved in this project include persons with a proven business track record, career guidance mentors, business mentors etc

 We provide the following supports free of charge-

  1. Free business advice.
  2. Career guidance
  3. Business mentoring
  4. Investment advice
  5. Advice around grants
  6. Advocacy support


Please contact us on 01 4429857
to discuss further or for more information.

 Email us at [email protected] or call us on
01 4429857